Red Hands

by Your Forgotten Love

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Three long years after the haunting "Compass EP", Your Forgotten Love is back with their long-awaited debut full-length. The timing couldn't be better. "Red Hands" arrives at the start of autumn, as nights grow longer and English Lit students everywhere gear up for fall semester. Lead vocalist Jackie Roche is among them. A few years ago, a college Shakespeare project led Jackie to enlist multi-instrumentalist Matt LeFevers for a musical adaptation of Sonnet 97. This fusing of their literary and musical passions ignited Your Forgotten Love.

Culling many of their lyrics from classic works, this songwriting duo build dark and grandiose arrangements, balancing the delicate and the foreboding. Album opener "See or Shut Your Eyes" layers ominous guitars and pianos into a slowly building nightmare, while "An Obsolete Constellation" blends sparse instrumentation with tender poetry. Other standouts include "Havergal", a whispered ghost story in song; the vengeful "Red Hands", and the achingly lovely "Yet Recover".

Powerful, intelligent, and imbued with mystery, "Red Hands" is an unforgettable record from a truly unique band.


released September 9, 2009

Jackie Roche: vocals, flute.
Matt LeFevers: guitars, keys, bass, drums.

All music by Matt LeFevers. All lyrics arranged by Jackie Roche from the following sources:

Track 1 adapted from Robert Browning's "Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came" (1855). Latin text by Matt LeFevers.
Tracks 2 and 3 by Jackie Roche.
Track 4 adapted from Michael Drayton's "Idea", Sonnet LXI (1619).
Track 5 adapted from Sophocles' "Antigone" (circa 442 B.C.E.)
Track 6 adapted from E.A. Robinson's "Luke Havergal" (1897).
Track 7 by Matt LeFevers and Jackie Roche.
Track 8 by Jackie Roche, with lines from William Shakespeare's "Othello", Act V, Scene II (circa 1603).
Track 9 adapted from Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "Sonnets From The Portuguese", Poem VI (1850).
Track 10 adapted from Psalm 69.

copyright 2009.



all rights reserved


Your Forgotten Love Phoenix, Arizona

Your Forgotten Love was born out of a fusion of literature and music. In 2003, a college Shakespeare assignment led vocalist Jackie Roche to recruit instrumental jack-of-all-trades Matt LeFevers for a musical adaptation of the bard's 97th sonnet. The resulting song, a sweeping piano ballad dubbed "Winter's Near", went far beyond anyone's expectations, and ignited Your Forgotten Love. ... more

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Track Name: See Or Shut Your Eyes
My first thought was, he lied in every word. Askance to watch the working of his lie on mine, and mouth scarce able to afford suppression of the glee, that pursed and scored its edge, at one more...

Better this present than past; back therefore to my darkening path again. No sound, no sight as far as eye could strain.

I turned from him, quiet as despair. Pausing to throw backward a last view o'er the safe road, 'twas gone; grey plain all round. Nothing but plain to the horizon's bound. "See, or shut your eyes."
Track Name: Red Hands
You never meant to put me through Hell, but now that you have, you don't care. Our formal conversations brought us here, but you pushed too damn hard. I don't think this can be saved. I don't want to hear you say you're sorry, because you're not sorry. You just got caught in the spotlight.

I never thought you'd go so far from who I thought I knew. Just abandon yourself, your friends, your home, chasing empty promises.

The last two years have both been untrue; nothing more than a selfish masquerade. You hide behind a mask of truth, a paper tiger torn in two. But your facade, it can't disguise the motives that you tried to hide. But now I can see through you. I can see you are all alone.

Who are you loyal to? Who are you to say I'm not loyal to you?
Track Name: An Obsolete Constellation
We drove south an hour, away from the city lights. Tonight the sky had planned to collapse, and we went to see her suicide. But the moon, he held her up, and blocked her wounds from our sight. But we knew her pain. We knew.

So we lay on our backs, and feigned dead when another car passed us by. We broke bread and sipped steam, and spoke of ruins and dreams.

On the way home when I could see Phoenix making the horizon gold, I said a prayer, thanked God I was alive, and that I was alive with you. I was happy in the slow traffic, inching towards home with you.
Track Name: Yet Recover
Come, let us kiss and part for you get no more of me. I'll be glad with all my heart to be free.

Shake hands for ever. Cancel all our vows. If we meet again, let it not be seen the former love retained.

Now, with the last breath of love, with failing pulse, and Faith knelt by his side, closing eyes.

Death to life, he might be healed.
Track Name: The Shadow of a Shade
You tell me that I must die. Well it's no matter, dear king. We all must die. If this takes me before my time, then surely death is a gain.

Unwept, unloved I go. No tears will mourn me dead. No friend to cry, but I shall miss you soon.

Say that I'm mad and let me risk the worst that I can take. Just wash your royal hands of me, except to take my life.
Track Name: Havergal
Go to the western gate, where the vines cling crimson on the wall. The leaves will whisper there of her; like flying words, strike you as they fall.

No, there is no eastern dawn to rift the fiery night in your eyes. But where the western glooms gather, the dark will end the dark, if anything.

Out of this grave I come to tell you this, to quench this kiss. Wait for what will come - what will come. Faith will never miss.

There is one way to where she is, past the crimson wall. The winds are tearing the vines away. She will come to the western gate.
Track Name: The Sun and Colder Stars
Broken, falling into night. The water was over my head. You reached out, pulled me back to land. You gave me life again. I'm sorry I can't explain. I'm sorry I've hurt you. You saved my life, and in return I've taken yours away.

I hope you know that I love you. I hope you know it's not enough. Though you cared for my heart, it's not mine to give away.

You were my sun, my savior. You brought me through my darkest night. But I can't be what you need. I'm too far gone to save you.
Track Name: Light Like The Darkness
This must fade, my heart, it must. Don't let it grow again. Its thirst will never be quenched. This is liquid fire.

Put out the light, my God. It is the cause, its name is known. Don't leave me alone. Please put out the light.

My dear, your fading heart is true. You must be strong. One choice leads only to cruel tears, but I won't let go, I won't.

This blinding light consumes my heart, but you will lead me away, away. This blinding light consumes my heart, but I know you'll lead me if I will follow. I'll follow. I'll follow you.
Track Name: Go From Me
Go from me, yet I'll stand in your shade. I'll use my soul, hands raised without restraint. Your touch on my hand, the space fate needs to part us, leaves your heart in mine and pulses that beat double, double-beat.

When I call to God, He hears your name as well. He sees within my eyes the falling tears of two.
Track Name: Deep Waters
My eyes grow dim with waiting for my God. My prayer to you, O Lord, is that you'll answer me. Please answer me. Draw near to me, redeem me. Set me free.

Save me, O God. The waters have come to my neck, and the sea grows deeper. I sink, I grasp. I am weary. O Lord, I am weary.

I feel the dark closing in on me. Oh God, where's Your light? Must I restore what I do not have? What I've never had?

Save me, O God, from these black waters. Save me, O God. Save me, oh Lord, O my Lord.